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Tetris Green Furniture

Tetris is a foldable stool which could be converted to a stool when required or else it could be kept unfolded as a flat sheet. Tetris is more of a space saving furniture concept. These sheets could be stacked on top of each other like small tetris pieces and kept in storage until they are put to use. The design has been inspired by paper folding methods like origami. The foldable stool - Tetris is made out of recycled Tetra packs. The use of this material puts light on the recycling of millions of used Tetra packs. These packs are sent to a pulping machine and derived into boards which could be used for furniture too. This is an attempt to reuse the millions of Tetra packs that we use. This stool could be used in public spaces like a libraries, restaurants, or coffee shops.

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