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Values are as important as skills and Alkove-Design commits towards forging a relationship built on trust and transparency with its clients.

At Alkove-Design we believe:



Context is at the core of all designs and harmony in design can be achieved only by looking at the whole picture - at the meeting point of history, memory, and proximity to materials and skills.


Design results from active cultural participation - of colours, textures and sounds in addition to a team full of admiration and respect towards each other’s creativity and talent.



Living spaces are for communities to interact, work, and flourish together and cohesiveness is brought into the spaces, collectively, by a group of experienced professionals - craftsmen, vendors, contractors, and Alkove team members. Our spaces help us maintain a long-lasting relationship with our community of clients.



The inclusion of compassion and empathy helps meet the client's dream space. From collaborating with stakeholders, and sourcing materials, to the act of implementation and handing over of the project - infusing compassion into the design process helps bring out the best results. Alkove takes great pride and responsibility in its work, towards the community, and most importantly the environment.


From the first step of briefing till the last stage of project handover, Alkove commits to deadlines and endeavours to exceed the expectations of clients at every stage of the design process.

The team at Alkove-Design envisions designing and delivering beautiful, functional spaces that exceed the client's expectations.

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