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A sumptuous and opulent space in dark wood, deep emerald velvet and vintage leather. The space is softened by clean-cut square windows which fill the room with a rich mellow sunlight. A marble tabletop for the director’s desk sets it apart; a space that is authoritative yet welcoming.

_DSC9049 (small).jpg

One Place is a reputed brand known for its high-end commercial building projects. . The material palette and colour schemes have been chosen to go with the corporate and minimalist values of the brand. The use of grids and linear patterns strikes a chord with the disciplined and bold outlook of the developers that they would like to nurture throughout their projects.


A small warm office space with a small pantry , one cabin and a conference area . The pitched outdoor area creates leisure space for taking breaks and office celebrations.


Raw style office with a splash of orange to brighten the space. Sharp lines giving a dynamic And inviting reception desk. The elongated space is divided along its length , giving it a good circulation area.

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