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The Team


Junior Architect

Rutuja is an architect, illustrator, movie and anime buff finding inspiration in the cinematic world.


To her architecture is all about creating, preserving, restoring and respecting the environment around us. A hippie at heart she delves deep into the local culture, traditions and people to understand and expand her expertise to cater the crowd.



Junior Architect

To Anushka architecture is an amalgamation of art, music, sculpting, product design and Photography. Thus it gives her an opportunity to be a polymath in its truest sense.


As an architect she is in constant search for perfection which makes her question the fundamentals of design. She tries to understand the importance of culture, human behavior and climate on a building. In her coming years she will transform reality.


Junior Architect

Being a trained singer, Sanika believes that architects are similar to musicians. Just like a musician can turn a note into a song, similarly an architect has the potential to transform imagination into real life architectural and design wonders. A graduate from Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, she believes that architecture is an amalgamation of art in various forms.


On her days off, you'll usually find Sanika volunteering at animal shelters.



Junior Architect

A graduate of Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Kaunain is an enthusiastic & motivated architect with a zeal for spiritual architecture. 


He believes that emotions play a massive role in forming design spaces and extraordinary architectures are a result of passion and vigour.


Through his designs, Kaunain aims to bring elements of ‘spirituality’ in the built environment to allow users to cultivate a meaningful relationship with their surroundings.

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