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PIDE- Turkish Cafe


The inspiration behind the interiors of the Secret Garden came from the children’s book of the same name.We wanted this space to have the same quality of joy and wonder, that would reconnect every visitor with the child inside them. Every element of the interior was designed to cultivate a dreamlike mystery

Secret Garden Alkove designs-29.jpg

Pide is Pune’s latest Turkish café, bringing the decadent yet comforting Turkish food culture into the heart of the city. Alkove’s inspiration for its interiors was the layered grandeur of Ottoman architecture (which incorporates elements both from Byzantine and Islamic styles) and the resplendent blue and red tones of Istanbul’s iconic Blue Mosque.

PIDE- Turkish Cafe

Located at Baner-Pashan Link Road, Kafe Fusion is a French patisserie and café which opens out into the street in the style of an authentic European terrasse. This project was designed around the imagery of sunshine and bursts of colour from summer flowers, with a foundation of symmetry and classic charm.


The name of this gorgeous space comes from its surroundings- it is nestled in a grove of mango, chikoo and coconut trees. For this project, we chose to work with one of our favourite materials, bamboo. For us, the beauty of bamboo lies in its selfless and versatile nature. We wanted the overall effect to be one of airy & sunshiny peace, which is exactly what you will get when you visit MaChiCo .

MaChiCo_Photo - 1.jpg

Charlie Chaplin is an expression of being bold , odd and surreal . Charlie Chaplin La Vegano is a vegan chain of restaurant with a  fresh and creative look . All the materials chosen are vegan that convey a strong message that the restaurant believes. Elements of Charlie are sprinkled all over the restaurant , hat lights , cane handles , gear ceiling and a screen playing his movies .

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